Amiibo Training Analysis: Ness

Welcome to the first chapter of a new series here at Cloud Nine, Amiibo Training Analysis! By now, I’m sure you’ve read most (if not all) of Cloud Nine’s amiibo training guides. These were intended as a starting point for trainers hoping to succeed with a particular character.

Amiibo Training Analysis is very different from the guides you’ve come to know: hence the name of the series, it focuses on analyzing one particular aspect of the metagame in great detail. In future installments, I may cover a wide range of topics: a specific character, a particular stage, or even a bonus effect. The goal is to help you all become more knowledgeable and involved in the amiibo game.

Today, we’re starting with Ness, a fighter who’s seen his ups and downs over the course of the metagame. If you’re a trainer who wants to raise a great Ness amiibo, today’s your lucky day: we’re going to take an in-depth look at what makes this character work.

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Tournament Analysis: Cloud Nine Premier League I

Cloud Nine Premier League I has concluded, and it was one of the craziest amiibo tournaments to date. With over fifty entrants and high stakes, trainers sent their strongest contenders in a fierce battle for first place. Now it’s time to talk about how it all went down.

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New Dream Friends Revealed in Kirby Star Allies Datamine

Dream Friends are one of the most unique features in Kirby Star Allies – I, for one, think that the ability to play through the entire game as Marx is invaluable. But thanks to LuigiBlood on Twitter, we know now the identities of several Dream Friends that will be added to Kirby Star Allies via game updates. We’ve got a really interesting set of Dream Friends here – let’s take a look.

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100% Completion in Kirby Star Allies

It’s always satisfying to 100% complete a game: the knowledge that you’ve explored its every nook and cranny and that you’ve discovered its every secret is invaluable. Luckily for completionists, Kirby Star Allies makes 100% completion rather easy.  There’s a very simple set of requirements that must be met.

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Playing as Kirby in “Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!” Mode

Note: The glitch works in Version 2.0.0 of the game and earlier. If it is patched out in a future update, this post will be updated.

Kirby Star Allies’ “Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!” mode is a unique (and strangely-named) sub-game that sees players taking on the role of a helper instead of Kirby. This means that Kirby himself is not playable in any capacity. However, at the time of writing, it actually is possible to play as Kirby through a glitch. While the bug itself is easy enough to perform, there are a few oddities that result from it that you should know about.

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Unlockables in Super Smash Bros. Melee

Although Super Smash Bros. Melee is over ten years old, its community is very much alive. Its competitive metagame really picked up after the game was included in EVO 2013’s tournament lineup. Simply put, Melee is still relevant even to this day. If you decide that you want to get in on the action, or even if you just want to play it for fun, there are a number of unlockables within the game that you can obtain.

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