FROST 11 ~ What Are Tiers?

Note: Entries are now closed. Here is a link to the bracket. Thanks for your participation!

  • Host: Hamplition
  • Entry Due Date: Sunday, June 10th @ 5PM EST
  • Submission Email:

The second FROST tournament this season is finally here and will require a very strict set of rules. Normal FROST tournaments require each participating amiibo to have a stat distribution of 120 points. However, this tournament will allow certain amiibo to bypass the 120 stat rule in order to compete with the heavy hitters in the metagame. Within this announcement are the rules as well as the total amount of points that each amiibo may hold for the second installment of this season’s FROST series.

  • S Rank characters may have a stat total of 120
  • A+ Rank characters may have a stat total of 130
  • A Rank characters may have a stat total of 140
  • B+ Rank and B Rank characters may have a stat total of 150
  • C+ Rank and C Rank characters may have a stat total of 160
  • D+ Rank characters may have a stat total of 170
  • D Rank characters may have a stat total of 180

Please refer to the amiibo tier list to determine where your preferred entrant ranks. In addition to the unique “tier shift” mechanic, FROST 11 follows the following rules:

  • Cloud must have 60 Attack or under, and only one Attack-boosting bonus effect
  • Little Mac must have 0 Attack and no Attack-boosting bonus effects
  • Marth and Lucina cannot use Iai Counter
  • Each participant can enter two amiibo
  • Each participant is only allowed to enter one amiibo from this list: Marth, Lucina, Cloud, Little Mac, Bowser, Link, and Ganondorf
  • Critical-hit capability and Explosive perfect shield are banned
  • All matches are best of three games
  • Games are two-stock, six minutes
  • Stages will be Final Destination and Smashville

Due to the high volume of entrants, please label your .bin files with your bracket name and the amiibo’s character. For example:

  • (Username) Character → (Hamplition) Charizard

Furthermore, please double check the legality of your .bin file before sending. Participants who send illegal .bin files will forfeit their entry into the tournament. Repeat offenders will be banned from upcoming tournaments this season.

Send your entries to The tournament will be streamed on YouTube either on Sunday night (June 10th) or Monday morning (June 11th). The top three participants will be invited to the FROST Season 2 Championship. Good luck!

For more information on entering online tournaments, including detailed instructions on submitting your amiibo, please check the Online Tournaments page.



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