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Amiibo RPG League Starting Soon – Enter Now

Welcome to the Amiibo Master Quest RPG League! In this tournament series, each trainer will start with a set amount of points that they can spend on selecting an amiibo, increasing its stats, and giving it abilities. As that trainer progresses through league events, they will earn additional points, leading up to an epic final clash. Don’t come expecting traditional amiibo battles – come for the experience! More details are available on the #tournaments channel of Cloud Nine’s Discord server. If you have any questions, feel free to DM Tosicamir (@Tosicamir#4855). Here’s to hoping you decide to add some spice to your amiibo training regimen this summer!


FROST 11 ~ What Are Tiers?

Note: Entries are now closed. Here is a link to the bracket. Thanks for your participation!

  • Host: Hamplition
  • Entry Due Date: Sunday, June 10th @ 5PM EST
  • Submission Email:

The second FROST tournament this season is finally here and will require a very strict set of rules. Normal FROST tournaments require each participating amiibo to have a stat distribution of 120 points. However, this tournament will allow certain amiibo to bypass the 120 stat rule in order to compete with the heavy hitters in the metagame. Within this announcement are the rules as well as the total amount of points that each amiibo may hold for the second installment of this season’s FROST series.

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