Welcome to Cloud Nine! I’m Cloud – at least, that’s my internet handle. Over the past few years, I’ve run several websites of varying success. My most popular endeavor yet, the Amiibo Dojo, racked up over one million total views in its two years of service, which I think is just incredible.

Cloud Nine is not only a continuation of my previous efforts, but also a culmination of every website I’ve ever run. Cloud Nine combines content, concepts, and components from many different origins, with some new ideas thrown in to keep things fresh. You’ll find a wide variety of content here – art, comics, gaming guides, amiibo training, Nintendo news, it’s all here, all in one. And that’s just the beginning – my plans for the future are even bigger.

Cloud Nine isn’t a one-man project – there’s an entire team of dedicated writers who very kindly contribute their time to help make this place great.

Thanks so much for checking out Cloud Nine – it means a lot and we all really appreciate it! We’ll have a lot more new content coming up in the future, so stay tuned!



Nintendo News, amiibo training, and gaming guides