Amiibo Tier List

Welcome to the official amiibo tier list! This list is based solely on tourney results – the higher up an amiibo is on this tier list, the more successful they have been in tournament play. Please note, this tier list is not for vanilla amiibo – it’s only accurate for amiibo equipped with stats, bonuses, and custom moves. There is no vanilla amiibo metagame – over 90% of tournaments allow equipment, and as you might expect, amiibo without equipment do not perform well at all.

To competitive Super Smash Bros. players, this tier list probably looks strange. Little Mac is the best character in the amiibo metagame? Ganondorf and Bowser are actually good? It may seem ridiculous, but the amiibo metagame is vastly different from the one competitive Smash players are used to. The list is, as mentioned before, based on results from over 150 tournaments. This list is current as of November 16, 2017.





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