Online Amiibo Tournaments

Compared to competitive Super Smash Bros. tourneys, where big-name events pop up frequently, amiibo tournaments are rather obscure. Most players are genuinely unaware of their existence in the first place. But they’re a fun endeavor nonetheless: watching your amiibo win matches live on-stream makes all of that training worth it in the end.

How are online amiibo tournaments hosted?

Tournament operators use two specialized trinkets to run amiibo tournaments: Datel’s Amiibo Powersaves and a Power Tag. These handy devices are sold in a bundle for about $20 USD and can be purchased from stores like GameStop. Amiibo Powersaves is technically a hacking device created specifically for amiibo: it allows users to freely edit and change stats, bonus effects, and custom moves without having to farm for equipment pieces. This makes the training process much easier and less reliant on time-consuming farming. Amiibo Powersaves also has the capability of saving and restoring specific files of an amiibo – this creates a .bin file of the amiibo itself, which can then be stored on the user’s computer. That’s where the aforementioned Power Tag comes in: a Power Tag is essentially a “blank” amiibo. Using Amiibo Powersaves, the Power Tag can be loaded with an amiibo’s .bin file, which can then be scanned into Super Smash Bros. as if it were a genuine figurine. Players email their amiibo’s .bin file to a tournament operator, who then loads it into a Power Tag.

How do I create .bin files of my amiibo?

To create a .bin file of your amiibo, you will need an NFC-compatible smartphone or an Amiibo Powersaves of your own. Here are the processes to follow:

If you have an Android device, check if it has NFC compatibility; most Android smartphones natively support NFC. If it doesgo ahead and download this app right here onto your phone. This is the Amiiqo app: it will allow you to create .bin files of your amiibo and save them onto your phone. Make sure your phone’s NFC is turned on, and from there, follow the instructions within the app. You’ll soon have a .bin file of your amiibo saved onto your phone’s storage! This app is free and is only recommended if you cannot find or afford an Amiibo PowerSaves.

If you have an Amiibo PowerSaves, you’ll need a PC or laptop. Then head over to this link and download the Amiibo PowerSaves application onto your PC or laptop. Once downloaded, boot it up and place your amiibo on the PowerSaves device. You’ll be able to create a .bin file of your amiibo to save to your computer (note: if your purchased Amiibo PowerSaves did not come with a Power Tag, you can still enter tournaments – you just can’t use anyone else’s amiibo files).

How do I email my amiibo to a tournament?

It’s quite simple, really. Once you have your .bin file ready to go, you’ll first need to find an online tournament to send it to. Find an upcoming tournament and the email address they include in the post to accept entrants.

If you’re using an Amiiqo, go to your phone’s storage and find your amiibo’s .bin file. When you find it, attach that file to an email addressed to the tournament host’s email. After filling the email out with your information (which character you’re sending, your bracket name, etc.), click “send” and you’re all done!

If you’re using an Amiibo PowerSaves, open up the PowerSaves application on your computer. Place your amiibo onto the PowerSaves device and go to either “Save” or “Restore”. Find the file that you want to send and double-click on it. A new window will pop up on your computer with that .bin file listed there. Then attach that file to an email addressed to the tournament host. After filling the email out with your information (which character you’re sending, your bracket name, etc.), click “send” and you’re all done!

Standard Tournament Rules

This is the standard format of rules that most (if not all) modern tournaments follow. A few tourneys, however, may mix things up and follow their own set of rules, so read their requirements carefully!

  • Trainers can submit one or two amiibo
  • Little Mac is banned
  • Critical-hit capability is banned
  • Explosive perfect shield is banned
  • Stat points cannot exceed a sum of 120
  • All items are turned OFF
  • Double elimination rule is in play
  • Sets are best two matches out of three
  • Matches are two stock and six minutes long
    • Timeout matches go to the amiibo with less damage
  • All matches are played on Ω-form stages

Recognized Amiibo Tournaments:

Amiibo World Tournament: These tourneys were among the first ever held online. Hosted by Amiibo Dan (who has sinced removed all of his amiibo content – rest in peace), every single outing was hugely hyped thanks to Dan’s energetic commentary. Many trainers were introduced to the metagame through Amiibo World Tournaments. Although it has been long discontinued, their memory remains – even years later.

AmiiBrawl: A long-running tournament series hosted by TMac. Amiibrawl stands out the single greatest tourney channel. Hosted every other Tuesday, each tournament is streamed in one sitting. Keep in touch with Amiibrawl’s tournament schedule by following their Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube channels.

If you need additional help using your Amiibo PowerSaves or Amiiqo, head over to Cloud Nine’s Discord server, where other amiibo trainers can help you to the best of their abilities! If you have a question more directly related to amiibo training, the FAQ is a great resource worth looking at.


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