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Compared to competitive Super Smash Bros. tourneys, where big-name events pop up often, online amiibo tournaments are rather obscure. Most people genuinely don’t even know of their existence in the first place. But they’re a fun endeavor once you get into them – watching your amiibo win matches on-stream makes all of that training worth it in the end.

How are online amiibo tournaments hosted?

Tournament operators use two devices to run amiibo tournaments: Datel’s Amiibo PowerSaves and a Power Tag. These two devices are sold in a bundle together for around $20 and can be purchased from GameStop either online or in-store. The Amiibo PowerSaves is technically a hacking device specifically created for amiibo – it allows users to freely edit and change their amiibo’s stats, bonuses, and custom moves without the need to farm for equipment. This makes amiibo training much easier and less farming-reliant. The Amiibo PowerSaves also has the capability of saving and restoring specific files of an amiibo – this creates a .bin file of the amiibo itself, which is then stored on the computer. That’s where the aforementioned Power Tag comes in – a Power Tag is essentially a “blank” amiibo. Using the PowerSaves, the Power Tag can be loaded with an amiibo’s .bin file, which can then be scanned into Super Smash Bros. as if it were a genuine figurine. Players email their amiibo’s .bin file to a tournament operator, who then loads it to a Power Tag.

How do I create .bin files of my amiibo?

To do so, you’ll either need an NFC-compatible smartphone, or your own Amiibo PowerSaves. Here’s the process you need to follow for each:

If you have an Android smartphone, check if it has NFC compatibility; most Android smartphones support NFC. If it does have it, go ahead and download this app right here onto your phone. This is the Amiiqo app – it will allow you to create .bin files of your amiibo and save them onto your phone. Make your phone’s NFC is turned on, and from there, follow the instructions within the app. You’ll soon have a .bin file of your amiibo saved onto your phone’s storage! This app is free and is only recommended if you cannot find or afford an Amiibo PowerSaves.

If you have an Amiibo PowerSaves, it, along with its capability of editing an amiibo, is also its own version of the Amiiqo app. It’s somewhat difficult to find and is a bit pricey, primarily selling in few GameStop stores for around $20 to $30, but it’s essentially an improved Amiiqo since it works on a computer instead of an Android smartphone (with the added bonus of freely editing your amiibo’s stats and bonuses). To use the PowerSaves, you’ll need a PC or laptop. Then head over to this link right here and download the Amiibo PowerSaves application onto your PC or laptop. Once downloaded, boot it up and place your amiibo on the PowerSaves. You’ll be able to create a .bin file of your amiibo that’s saved to a file on your computer. (Note: if your purchased copy of a PowerSaves does not come with a Power Tag, you can still enter tournaments – you just can’t use anyone else’s amiibo .bin file or host your own series of online tournaments.)

Now that you know how to back up a .bin file for your amiibo, you may be ready to send it to a tournament so you can enter, right? Well, keep reading.

How do I email my amiibo to a tournament?

It’s quite simple, really. Once you have your .bin file ready to go, you’ll first need to find an online tournament to send it to. Find an upcoming tournament and the email they include in the post to accept entrants. From there, here’s what you need to do:

If you’re using an Amiiqo, go to your phone’s storage and find your amiibo’s .bin file. When you find it, attach that file to an email addressed to the tournament host’s email. After filling the email out with your information (like what amiibo you’re sending, the name you want to be known as in the tournament, etc.), send it and you’re done!

If you’re using an Amiibo PowerSaves, open up the PowerSaves application on your computer. Place your amiibo onto the PowerSaves itself and go to either “Save” or “Restore”. Find the file that you want to send and double-click on it. A new window will pop up on your computer with that .bin file listed there. Then attach that file to an email addressed to the tournament host’s email. After filling the email out with your information (like what amiibo you’re sending, the name you want to be known as in the tournament, etc.), send it and you’re done!

Standard Tournament Rules

This is generally the standard format of rules that most tournaments follow. A few tournaments, however, may mix things up and follow its own set of rules, so read carefully about what their special rules are!

  • Trainers can send one or two amiibo (depending on the tourney)
  • Little Mac is banned
  • “Explosive perfect shield” and “Critical-hit capability” bonuses are banned
  • Stats cannot exceed a sum of 120
  • Items (including Smash Ball) are turned OFF
  • Double elimination rule is in play
  • Sets are best two matches out of three
  • Matches are two stocks and five or six minutes long
    • Timeout matches go to the amiibo that has the lower percentage rating
  • Rounds 1 and 3 are played on an Omega stage, with Round 2 being on regular Battlefield

Recognized Amiibo Tournaments:

Amiibo World Tournament: These tournaments were among the first streamed amiibo tournaments ever created. Hosted by Amiibo Dan, every single tournament was hyped up thanks to Dan and his charismatic commentary, and many trainers saw themselves entering their own amiibo for their chance to win. Cloud even entered his Ness amiibo, Super NES, into AWT#3 and won! Though AWT has been discontinued and Amiibo Dan himself dropped amiibo entirely from his channel, the memory of the Amiibo World Tournaments and the levels of excitement it created remain.

AmiiBrawl: Run by TMac, a prominent amiibo trainer, AmiiBrawl stands as one of the best streamed amiibo tournaments out there. Hosted on every other Tuesday, with some sporadic “Flash Fights” springing up randomly on any other day, the entire tournament is streamed all in one sitting. Keep in-touch with AmiiBrawl’s tournament schedule by following them on Twitter and check out their Twitch and YouTube channels for past and current streams.


If you need any further help using your PowerSaves or Amiiqo, head over to Cloud Nine’s Discord server, where other amiibo trainers can help you to the best of their abilities! Or, if you have an entirely different question regarding amiibo, the FAQ may be able to help you as well!


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