One of my goals in life is to become a great artist. I want to master many different art styles so that I can draw anything that enters my mind in a way that others can easily interpret. I’m not really into super artistic, deep-meaning pieces, though – I just like drawing things that look cool. Whether you’re serious about drawing or not, the road to becoming a great artist is a tough one, and it’s not always easy to figure out where you can improve. I figure practice makes perfect, and practice is exactly what I’ve been doing and what I intend to do in the future. My art has drastically improved over time, so I’ve put together a small portfolio of some of my best work yet. None of this stuff is traced, and most of them are completely original ideas. Most of them.

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As you can see, above is a slide show containing everything in my portfolio. You’ll notice that a lot of my art takes place in outer space, or at least refers to it in some way, shape, or form. I’m sure there’s some deeper meaning in that somewhere, so when I find it, I’ll let you know. All of the art here was drawn in Photoshop (with the exception of pixel art ones, which were created in Paint.NET) with a Wacom drawing tablet. A keyboard and mouse just aren’t the same. If you’re hoping to get into art, your first move should be to buy a drawing tablet. They run the gamut anywhere from $70-$200. It might seem expensive, but trust me, it’s worth every penny.

So next, let’s go over each individual drawing. There’s something to say about each and every one of them, so if you’re interested, we’ll go over a few things for each piece.


Vs. Star Dream (2016)

This was one of my first “serious” art pieces, drawn sometime around August 2016. It depicts the final boss battle of Kirby Planet Robobot, a game for Nintendo’s 3DS system. The game’s well over a year old now, so spoilers shouldn’t be much of an issue. This piece went through several iterations before I finally settled on what you see now. If I were to do it over again, I’d redo the shading on Nova (the cat-looking sphere thing to the left), make more detailed background planets, and darken the outer space backdrop.


Estrella (Beta Design) (2016)

This is a simple piece I did for Cloud’s Forum Adventures, an old and cringy comic series I used to run in 2012. This art shows the planet Estrella in outer space. In its orbit is Cloud’s Observatory, the home of the series’ protagonists. The design of Estrella here is actually outdated – it’s since been redesigned, which renders this piece obsolete, in a way. One thing I could’ve definitely done better would have been to add more detail to Estrella itself – it looks more like a 3D ball of something rather than an actual world.


Alma Galaxy (2016)

This here is the Alma Galaxy, the universe in which DreamBound takes place. In the center of the picture is Estrella in its newly-updated and most current design. Planet Estrella was originally going to appear as the new main setting of Cloud’s Forum Adventures, but never made it into an actual episode. It was later recycled into a pool of ideas for DreamBound. In Estrella’s orbit is Cloud’s Observatory, also in its most current design.  The planet to the right is Nieve, the planet to the bottom (in front of Estrella) is Fluir, and the one at the top left is Coraza. I really like this piece, but I believe the star shapes in the background to be a questionable design choice. I also made two other versions of this – Alma Galaxy (Pixel Art Ver.) which came first, and also Alma Galaxy (Alternate Ver.) which I thought looked cool.


Evergleam Marsh (2016)

This is some pixel art that I drew in Paint.NET. The piece depicts a scrapped location of Cloud’s Forum Adventures – a radiant, blueish-purple marsh that’s home to a plot-relevant Heart Pedestal. If you’ve read specific episodes of Cloud’s Forum Adventures, you’ll also notice the character Spectra’s symbol directly above the pedestal.


Dreamstar (Surreal Design) (2016)

If you’ve taken a good like at the pages here at Cloud Nine, you’ve probably seen something that looks like this piece a few times. That mechanical-looking circular clock is what I call the Dreamstar, and it’s the logo of Cloud Nine itself! In fact, the Dreamstar is my watermark, too, and you’ll find that on all of my work, including at the footer of all of my posts. If you come across an article that was posted by one of our other writers, you’re not going to see the Dreamstar signature because it wasn’t me. But back to the piece itself – there’s deeper meaning somewhere in here, what with the clock hands and subtle heart shapes…


Dreamstar Mech (2017)

This piece is an extension of the Dreamstar from earlier. It retains the clock-like hands and subtle heart shapes, but is now merged with an intergalactic fighting machine with a sun and a moon for hands. Don’t even pretend that that’s not awesome. It’s shaped like the character Ciphrus from DreamBound, and it also has a halo and a red gem at the bottom. This got featured in an art show during senior year of high school.

DreamBound Movie Poster (2017)

I consider this piece to be some of my best work yet. It’s also my largest work yet – so large, in fact, that I had to shrink it down to be able to display it on this page. It actually got first place in an art show during my senior year of high school, which was unexpected but still pretty cool. That win also helped me realize that I should pursue graphic design as a career. This piece shows Cloud’s Observatory defending the universe against the incoming comet Prisma, while being powered up with energy from Estrella’s power plant. You can see planets Coraza (bottom left) and Nieve (top right) as well. This art is pretty solid, in my opinion, but I would probably add more colors and details to outer space if I could do it all over again.

Mind Swirl (2017)

This was my final project for a Digital Design class I took. There’s not really much to say about this one, it’s just a guy in a business suit except his head is actually a galaxy. This is another one of those pieces that probably has hidden meaning and emotion, but nope, I thought a galaxy guy in a business suit would look cool, so I drew it. Simple as that!

Mechanical Heart (2017)

Not really too sure where I was going with this one. It’s a silhouette of a person with a mechanical heart. You can also faintly see the Dreamstar in the background, as well as a sunset ocean. I didn’t have much of a direction when I drew this, I kind of just sat down and poured everything into this piece for 2 hours straight. 2 hours is not a very long time, so it still looks unfinished. But I don’t like to dwell on my past work, so I probably won’t do anything more with this piece. Oh well.


Cloud Nine Logo (2017)

And this here is part of the header of Cloud Nine! Before I create any website, I always visualize what it’s going to look like before I go on with it – and what I visualized was this exact image. I went out and drew it, and I think it turned out good. It’s certainly a refreshing contrast to my usual drawings of outer space, silhouettes, outer space, and planets. And outer space.



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