DreamBound (formerly known as Cloud’s Forum Adventures) is a poorly-organized webcomic series that has been running on an inconsistent basis since 2012. The series focuses on Cloud’s Observatory, a government-funded institution responsible for scanning the stars and protecting the world from harm. Its characters are unique in that each one is loosely based on a real-life member of the Observatory Forums (with added and amplified personality traits to help keep things interesting). Most of these characters take the form of kirbies – this was decided back in 2012 so that they would be easy to draw and understand. DreamBound has nothing to do with the actual Kirby universe (at least, not in the new series).

As mentioned before, DreamBound has been very inconsistent since its creation. So inconsistent, in fact, that I’ve split the entire series into two distinct “eras”: the Original Series and the New Series. DreamBound has currently had five completed “sagas” (the DreamBound equivalent to a “season” or “story arc” thus far. All of these are part of the Original Series, and were made prior to 2016. Anything made afterwards is part of the New Series – however, there have not been any completed sagas since 2016, so the New Series is looking kind of empty right now. But I’m going to fix that very soon.


Original Series

So, like I said, the Original Series consists of five sagas: Oblivion Island, Soul Shard, Lunar Battle, Yarn Adventures, and Miracle Crown, in that exact order. It also includes both iterations of the scrapped and unfinished Nightmare Legion saga. These combine for a total of 104 episodes. I sectioned them all off in their own category because well, to be honest, they aren’t very good. I was young when I made these, and that really reflects in the quality of my work. There were a lot of unnecessary characters, and none of them had any notable personality save for a couple of interesting quips here and there. The storylines were overly complex, featured too many clichés, and were overall difficult to follow. Not to mention the visuals were kind of flat and went overboard on special effects at times.


New Series

After the “completion” of the Miracle Crown series in 2015 (in reality, I had ended it prematurely because I couldn’t be bothered to draw any more), DreamBound struggled to pick back up. I tried countless times to reboot and rehash the series, to no avail. That is, until now. It’s taken months and months of organizing and writing, but now, I plan to fix all of DreamBound’s mistakes. I’ve been working hard (with the help of some willing friends) to build new, relatable characters with actual personalities, and to spice up their dialogue with speech quirks and different font types. I’ve also done a lot of work on the locations and settings of DreamBound – its world has been given a much-needed makeover and is now fully fleshed with a whole solar system of original planets and locations. The storyline has been a big focus, too – it’s going to be told at a consistent pace, it’ll be easy to follow, and there will be twists and turns everywhere to keep readers on edge.

In the New Series, episodes from the Original Series are not considered canon, although there will still be references to them scattered about. Characters from the Original Series will return, with new and rewritten personalities and dialogue.

Currently, the New Series consists of just the Prisma Saga, which is still a work in progress. It will take some time to complete, but believe me, it’ll be well worth the wait. If you want to check out these new episodes, you can do so by following this link.

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