One of the most important components of any series is its characters, and DreamBound is no exception to this rule. DreamBound is unique, however, in that most of its characters are based on real-life users of the Observatory Forums. In fact, if I hadn’t made that clear, you might have never noticed. Please note, I’m not going to include characters from the Original Series – they were all the same boring, blank slate, so there’s not really much to describe there. Instead, we’ll be focusing on the New Series of DreamBound. 


The founder and leader of the aptly-named Cloud’s Observatory, a government-funded institution responsible for monitoring the stars for potential threats and eliminating them swiftly. Besides being the namesake of the place for some reason, Cloud also manages its relations with planet Estrella’s government, at times receiving directives and missions directly from President Axis himself. True to his leadership position, Cloud is a bit of a control freak, quickly becoming flustered if he can’t keep a situation in check. Even so, he cares very much for others, and puts their needs before his own, even if this means throwing caution and common sense to the wind. Cloud is also very naive, and is unable to tell if someone is being deceptive. Fun fact: Cloud’s signature cloud hat is merely a wig. It’s not actually a part of him. He can also store things into the cloud for later use.


Switch is the co-founder and original constructor of Cloud’s Observatory. He’s a master architect, and at his best, works quicker and more efficiently than anyone else. It’s tough to get Switch going, though: without proper motivation, he doesn’t like to do much of anything. But when something worthwhile comes up, he’s always ready to get to work. It’s said that long ago, Switch was a big shot in the architecture industry before making a big mistake and losing everything. As a result of this incident, Switch is hesitant to place trust in others, and is (sometimes rightfully) paranoid of people’s actions. He also prefers to work alone on his projects, but this usually isn’t a problem because he works so fast.

In the Original Series, Switch had gray hair, and was known as both FCN and MikeTheCat at different points throughout the series,


Firespike is Switch’s best friend and the third member of the Observatory crew. Unlike the others, Firespike himself never speaks – instead, he types his words into a tablet, which does all the talking for him. Most of the time, he does nothing but spout complete nonsense, though whether he’s doing this intentionally or not is unknown. Every once in a while, however, Firespike will surprise everyone and give great insight or advice. He’s also a master chef capable of preparing the best meals, including his signature dish of spicy lasagna.


As his stylish blue scarf might imply, Megar is a confident, carefree individual who follows no rules but his own. He has something of a mischievous streak, and appears to be incapable of politely addressing others: instead, he relies on his “unique” sense of humor, which can sometimes come off as blunt and insulting. Even so, he is generally quite friendly and will always do his best to come through when it counts. The most self-assured in the cast, he throws caution to the wind in the knowledge that he can handle whatever the world throws at him without looking back.

In the Original Series, Megar was known as Blue and had light blue hair and shoes. His design was later updated to feature brown hair and shoes.


Together as a duo, Vera and Megar travel the galaxy to see all there is to see. As fate would have it, the two eventually met Cloud, who needed help building a superweapon to save the world from the comet Prisma’s impact. The two agreed to help – though, Vera doesn’t care to remember exactly what she’s helping with, since she tends to dismiss important details. Instead, she prefers to go with the flow and act spontaneously. She joined up with Megar after he saved her life in an accident that neither of them ever bring up. Despite Vera’s inability to keep track of significant details, she is very good at reading people and acts appropriately with what she sees in them. To this end, she appears to have massive mood swings, but she’s actually just treating people how she thinks they deserve to be treated. Outside of this, she seems to be a nice person, albeit a skeptic at times.


Novella was born on planet Fluir, but eventually set out on her own and moved to Estrella seeking a job. There, she met Cloud, and earned herself the title of Observatory Finances Manager. In line with her position on the team, Novella is extremely obsessive and particular about things. She needs everything to be organized her own way, and refuses to let anyone else do her job for her. She’s also what one would call a “clean freak” – she hates germs, sanitizes things aggressively, and avoids touching anyone else out of fear of catching their filth. When she’s not managing the Observatory’s budget, she’s cleaning, regardless of whether or not it’s necessary. Novella follows a strict routine that, if broken, sends her into a fit of anger which can be tough for others to handle. But her routine is very efficient and beneficial for the Observatory crew; she makes literally everything neat and tidy without ever being asked.



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